Our Story

Mary Wade and Arnold met in 2008 at the Times West Virginian in Fairmont, where they both worked, she as a reporter and magazine editor and he as a graphic designer and IT guru. Mary Wade always liked Arnold but she did not realize she liked liked Arnold until a few years later when he helped her hook up (i.e., hooked up) her new computer. Ten long months passed in which she unsuccessfully conveyed these feelings to him. In a fortuitous occurrence that did not seem fortuitous at the time, her DVD player broke about a month before her birthday. Her mother, Carolyn, always looking for a gift idea, offered to replace it, giving Mary Wade time to search for a suitable replacement. Then Mary Wade decided that she wanted one with streaming and Internet capabilities, a product she never would have known existed if her physical therapist fortuitously had not mentioned it to her once. However, this was way beyond her skill level when it came to hooking it up, so once again, Arnold graciously arrived to save the day. The two began hanging out and watching movies to “test” the new device, which Mary Wade, after much prompting  from Arnold, eventually comprehended was actually a Blu-ray player. After a couple of evenings, Mary Wade finally got up the nerve to tell Arnold how she felt, and, to her surprise, he liked liked her back.